Dear friends,

The Canteen is about to start its fifth season -- we know, time flies, right?! You have been eating and drinking your way through our journey and have watched us grow from humble beginnings to a Provincetown staple. (You can just look at the picture of what our backyard USED to look like to see how far we've come!) We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us get there!

Today, we are asking for your help in a different way. As we have grown over the past few years, we have come to realize that we need more seats at the Canteen. On APRIL 13th (6pm), we will appear in front of the board of selectmen to make that ask. We are humbly asking that you publicly support our application either by speaking in favor at the meeting or by sending a letter or email that will be read out loud at the meeting.

There are two main reasons why we need to increase the seating capacity of the Canteen:

1) The first reason is for the comfort and safety of our guests. During the summer months, we have what we like to call a “good problem” at the Canteen -- long lines and more people looking to sit and eat than chairs we are able to provide. We would like to fix that problem through the easiest way we know how: adding more seats. We know the demand exists! The extra seats would not go to waste. 

2) The second reason has more to do with economics. We choose to do many things at the Canteen that are not profitable, things like staying open year round, providing affordable housing for many of our workers, and putting on our holiday market for the month of December. We choose to do these things because we think they strengthen our company and our community. If we are able to increase our capacity during the busy summer months here in Provincetown, we increase our chances of making more money during those months to offset they money we lose at other times of the year. That means we will continue to be able to do things that provide a benefit to town and our employees that don’t necessarily reap financial gains.

This is where you come in! Your voice is important. The selectmen always take public comments to heart when it comes to making permitting decisions. Voicing your support will only take a few minutes and will make a big difference.

To make it easier, we are providing you here some language you can use. Please take 10 minutes now and help us out. The meeting is on April 13th. Letters are due a couple of days before it. 

Thank you for your continuous support!




-We are asking to increase our seating capacity so that we can accommodate more guests and meet our growing demand.

-The seats would be placed in our backyard area, as well as in a new area of service, on the beach front.

-We feel that we have proven ourselves to be responsible business owners who will use the advantage of more seats for the good not only for the Canteen and its staff, but to the town as a whole. 



  • Write a note.

  • You can read your letter in person at the public hearing: April 13th at Town Hall, 6pm.

  • Or you can email your letter to: Elizabeth Paine, the secretary to the board of selectman:

  • Or letters can be dropped of at Ms. Paine's office at town hall, downstairs.

  • Also: let us know that you are sending a note, get us a copy, so that we can make sure it is read at the meeting and that your voice is being heard. We will make sure that the file includes all of your letters if we know to expect them. Our emails are: &



Dear Board of selectmen,

My name is [your name] and I am a [resident/abutter/second homeowner/frequent Provincetown visitor/etc]. I am writing in support of the Canteen’s application to increase the number of seats available to its guests.

[First, explain your relationship to the Canteen and why the Canteen is important to you.]

[Next, explain why you think it would be a good idea for the Canteen to have more seats. Feel free to come up your own reasons! Or use some of the language on this page above! Here are some more examples:

  • Economic growth is important to me and to the town as a whole. As a town, we need to ensure that businesses are supported and given what they need to succeed. The Canteen is a reputable and responsible business in town with a clear demand for seats. The town has gallons and seats available and should make them available to the Canteen so they can pursue their efforts and continue to investment in our town. Please help the Canteen meet their demand by allowing them to offer more seating to their customers.

  • I have noticed and appreciated the hard work the Canteen crew has put in over the years. They have worked hard to become an attraction that justifies having a line out their door. The town should support those efforts by granting the Canteen more seats, so that the restaurant can, in turn, extend those seats to their customers and provide more benefits to the town.

  • The Canteen has quickly become an integral part of our community that adds great value to our town. Our town, in turn, shouldn’t hesitate to give back to the Canteen and provide it the tools it needs to continue to grow. The Canteen’s track record and high demand make it a strong applicant.

  • I reviewed the Economic Development Permit criteria (EDP) ( and find the Canteen to very well fit those criteria. I support their application, and based on the established criteria can only imagine that you will do the same and fully support young, hard working entrepreneurs who have brought a lot to our community over the past few years. }


Thank you for your time and for your consideration.



[Your Name]

Thank you all for your help! we look forward to serving even more of you at once!