At The Canteen and Happy Camper, we work hard and we have a great time doing it. We believe that growing a small business in a place like Provincetown is first and foremost about building community through respect, trust and big-heartedness. The people who work with us are more than just co-workers; they are the heart and soul of our organization. 

Our company is always growing and evolving, and we need talented and energetic people to work and grow with us. As we head into our 2017 season, we are looking to hire hard-working folks who have a passion for great food and service; who consider being treated and treating others with respect as an essential part of their day; who value organization and attention to detail; and who understand the importance of community building -- between co-workers, guests, suppliers, and everyone else who walks through our doors.

In four short years, our company has expanded from one location and seven employees to three locations and about senventy employees. We’re proud of what we’ve created, but we are always looking for ways to do our jobs more effectively, to improve, to evolve. It's in our DNA.

If this sounds like someplace where you’d fit in, we’d love to hear from you.


General Manager, Happy Camper
Kitchen Manager, The Canteen
Barista, Happy Camper
Line Cook, The Canteen


General Manager, Happy Camper

Happy Camper is a sweets and coffee shop dedicated to one thing: making people happy. We do this by serving baked goods, frozen desserts and coffee grounded in New England traditions but with our own, amped up twists that reflect our home in Provincetown. We serve these high quality foods and drinks with upbeat, energetic service in an eye-popping, fun space. 

Job Summary:

The general manager is responsible for every aspect of our guests' and staff members' experiences, leading all Happy Camper team members in the efficient and profitable operation of our shop, our expanding wholesale accounts, and our fledgling mobile locations. He/she is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations, maintaining high store standards and conditions, and fostering a positive environment, which provides consistent, fast, efficient, and happy service for both our customers and team members. The store manager fosters the tone and personality of the store by being an advocate of training, customer service, product knowledge and education, encouraging safe work practices, and a demonstrated commitment to our guiding principles.<

Performance Expectations:

-Hires and oversees training and performance reviews for entire front of the house staff, following the principles of servant leadership. 
-Oversees scheduling of staff based upon anticipated volume and coordination of balanced service teams. 
-Adjusts environment, music and lighting, and temperature as needed to maintain the appropriate atmosphere and service levels. 
-Resolves any customer complaints. 
-Provides hands-on help if needed by any of our team members, including the resolution of conflicts between or within teams. 
-Greets guests and knows regulars by name. 
-Maintains inventories and makes daily orders. 
-Leads front of house staff in cleaning and maintaining facilities and equipment. 
-Works side-by-side and communicates daily with our pastry chef.
-Communicates daily with managing partners. 
-Updates point of sale system as needed. 
-Leads weekly meetings with staff and attends regular manager meetings. 
-Ensures that the visual presentation our food, beverages and merchandise meets our standards. 
-Oversees the planning of specials, promotions, and in-store events. 


The success patterns for this position are:

-Has a solid record of success in a coffee shop, bakery, or restaurant. 
-Understands and has managed a front of the house staff of 20 people, including baristas, and counter servers. 
-Provides leadership that inspires teamwork, generates energy, enthusiasm and drives results. 
-Has the ability to design, implement and to continuously improve the systems and procedures that lead to success. 
-Has experience in the training and development of staff members
-Is self-directed and able to work independently, as well as be an integral member of the Canteen/Happy Camper management team. 
-Likes to work in a fast-paced, unpredictable environment. 


-Leadership style consistent with our guiding principles and servant leadership. 
-An outgoing host who's excited to be the public face of Happy Camper. 
-An energizing force in the store; someone who likes to lead and set a high page of energy, enthusiasm, and engagement with guests and coworkers. 
-Passionate about great food and service. 
-Excellent planning, organization, and coordination skills.
-Comfortable making decisions and problem solving. 
-High level of interest in continuous learning about food, people and business.
-Possesses strong interpersonal skills and able to work easily with diverse people and groups.

To apply or contact us, send an email and resume to Rob at
Kitchen Manager, The Canteen

Job Summary:
The Canteen’s kitchen manager is responsible for every aspect of our back of house operations at the Canteen, which includes: the safe and efficient flow of food and people in and out of the building; the positive work experience of our team members and visits of our guests; the consistency and quality of our food; and the cleanliness and order of our facility.

The manager must be a leader capable of managing and motivating a large team; communicating effectively with a diverse group of people; multi-tasking in a fast-paced, high-energy environment; imposing discipline and order every day, especially during times of high stress; maintaining organization and cleanliness; working with accuracy; and constantly striving to improve, as an individual and as a team leader.

The kitchen manager reports directly to our chef/owner and works side-by-side with the Canteen’s other managers, including the front of house managers and the head of production at the Workshop.


Leading a team of 15 to 20 people
-Modeling the Canteen’s values: Communicating with respect, showing how things should be done by doing it, every day; striving for efficiency, productivity, and positivity in all actions; solving problems with grace and a sense of humor
-Assigning tasks and ensuring they are completed quickly and correctly
-Motivating team members to work efficiently and cleanly
-Creating schedules and guaranteeing coverage
-Resolving conflicts
-Knowing house rule and enforcing them
-Representing the team to the chef/owner and representing the chef/owner to the team

Training & Development
-Provides ongoing training and development to all team members in the areas of operating standards, food, safety.
-Builds morale and team spirit by fostering a work environment where team members input is encouraged and valued.
-Ensures each team member has received proper training to perform efficiently.
-Continually develops team members, establishing specific performance objectives, and measuring team member performance regularly.
-Coaches and counsels team members for improved performance, documenting developmental plans as necessary.

Monitoring food production, consistency, safety and waste
-Ensures and is accountable for profitability of the store by growing sales and controlling costs of goods, inventory levels, labor, supplies and expenses.
-Keeps an accurate inventory
-Orders appropriate food levels on time from outside purveyors and the Workshop
-Ensures all food is prepared and served quickly, safely and consistently
-Creates prep lists
-Ensures product quality and consistency from employee to employee
-Monitors kitchen activity to reduce all waste and correct portion sizes
-Ensures food is properly stored and labeled

Cleanliness and Organization
-Manages walk-ins and storeroom, ensuring they properly organized at all times
-Ensures that dish station is setup properly
-Ensures that the kitchen is properly set up in the morning and cleaned at night
-Makes sure trash, recycling and cardboard are disposed of correctly
-Schedules a weekly deep clean and overseeing it if necessary

-Runs staff meetings and manager meetings
-Communicates with appropriate managers on a daily basis
-Attends and contributes to company-wide manager meetings
-Communicates clearly, accurately and regularly with managing partners

-Previous experience managing a kitchen mandatory.
-Must be able to work overtime, including weekends, evenings and special events as needed.
-Well-organized, detail-oriented and able to multi-task.
-Must have effective problem solving/decision making abilities.
-This position will require frequent standing and use of hands and arms.
-Must be able to lift up to 30lbs and frequently bend and twist from the waist.
-Must have excellent verbal and written English communication skills.

To apply or contact us, send an email and resume to Rob at

Line Cook, The Canteen

Prepares menu items to meet quality, portion and time standards, maintains line cleanliness/sanitation and gives great service to internal/external guests. Has at least a year of experience working on a line.

  • This is a full-time, hourly position.
  • $14-15/hour based on skill and availability.
  • AM and PM shifts available.
  • Flexible schedule required, weekends a must. 

Our performance expectations are:  

  • Makes menu items to meet quality, portion and time standards
  • Maintains a clean and sanitary work space
  • Practices good personal hygiene
  • Timely and accurately completes prep list including stocking, rotating and clean-up
  • Meets quality and time standards for stocking stations
  • Efficiently maintains station throughout an entire shift
  • Maintains line cleanliness and sanitation (includes cutting boards, floor, trash)
  • Assists co-workers with anything that is necessary or requested
  • Asks questions whenever necessary
  • Asks for help whenever necessary

The Success Patterns for this position are: 

  • Exhibits strong organizational skills
  • Works very effectively as part of a team
  • Recognizes when help is needed and is willing to ask for it
  • Makes food to quality and portion spec
  • Arrives to work on time
  • Is fun to work with

Successful Candidates will have the following Personal Characteristics: 

  • Feels passionate about cooking and giving great service to internal and external guests 
  • Enjoys working under a time crunch
  • Takes pride in being consistent
  • Loves to learn and takes direction with a smile
  • Enjoys a challenge and creating something new

Dorm-style housing is available. 

To apply or contact us, send an email and resume to Rob at