Canteen Holiday Market 2017: Ideas and applications


The Holiday magic starts with you and your ideas!

Every December, the Canteen builds a holiday market in the best bohemian tradition of Provincetown, offering residents and visitors alike a place to gather, warm up, eat, shop and have fun. We do this to foster a sense of community, warmth, togetherness, and holiday spirit between everyone who works at and visits the market.

Want to join us? 

We build the market and fill it with the beckoning aromas of hot food and drinks. The rest is up to you.

Would you like to sell something at the market? Perform? Would you like to put on a demonstration or teach something? Would you like to organize a gathering related to a holiday or tradition? We want to hear your ideas so we can figure out if we can make it work. The more homemade, creative and personal the better. 

Please fill out the form below as best as possible and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. It's ok if your plans aren't totally worked out or if you just want to float an idea. It's also ok if you know exactly what you want to do and what you need! 

The market will runs every weekend -- Friday, Saturday, and Sunday -- from Dec. 1st until Jan. 1st. You do not have to be there every day or even every weekend to be involved. 

Name *
Are you familiar with our market?
My goods are homemade/handmade
Are you a local?
The market runs every weekend, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, from Dec. 1st until Jan. 1st. Which days would you commit to?
Fri. Dec. 1st. Holly Folly
Sat. Dec. 2nd
Sun. Dec. 3rd
Fri. Dec. 8th
Sat. Dec. 9th
Sun. Dec. 10th
Fri. Dec. 15th
Sat. Dec. 16th
Sun. Dec. 17th
Fri. Dec. 22nd
Sat. Dec. 23rd
Sun. Dec. 24th
Fri. Dec. 29th - NYE weekend
Sat. Dec. 30th
Sun. Dec. 31st - NYE
Mon. Jan 1st. First light Provincetown
What would you need to do your thang?
We offer 4 foot wide booths. Those give you a counter + an awning to hang items from. These can be closed at night.
Other stuff
In addition to being a vendor, I'm interested in/ able to help set up for the market
I'm interested/able to decorate the market
I'm interested in helping to advertise the market
I'm interested/able to provide entertainment